About Jo Wroten

Patient Education

Empowering doctors to educate through tech.

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Senior Web Engineer at Rendia

Patient education can be difficult. Plastic eyeballs as a teaching tool is a thing of the past. Modern media and technology can help solve this problem.

Flythrough of the human eye

Formerly known as Eyemaginations, the company Rendia offers high quality animations to doctors to communicate complex medical topics to their patients and their families.

App Design

Launched two Ember.js, HTML Video & Canvas powered enterprise scale apps now educating thousands of patients nationwide. Lead UX design initiatives, tech stack decisions and technical project management.

Doctors can build playlists of content, upload their own images/videos, and then share their creations with patients via email and by embedding them directly on their practice website. Or they can play this content right in their practice while taking advantage of onscreen drawing features with a mouse or touch device. The media player offers content protection, and patients may choose between multiple languages, closed captions, fullscreen, and more.

Media Player Preview