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The simplest Ember `<select>` there is.

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Ember Select Light is an Ember Addon written data-down, actions up (DDAU) written with in test-driven development practices.

The intent is to provide a barebones <select> element that pairs well with modern Ember practices without styling assumptions. The result is a very functional, yet customizable, option for developers seeking a simple solution to select elements in their forms and apps.


ember install ember-select-light




We love pull requests from everyone. By participating in this project, you agree to abide by the code of conduct and is subject to the project license.

Clone this repo, make your changes with test coverage, push up a fork and submit a pull request.

Soon after some primary contributors will review your code and submit feedback and hopefully click the fancy green approve button. Any test and linting failures should be caught during the pull request continuous integration environment and human eyes here after.

Running Tests

Example Usage

    myValue: 'turtle',
    myOptions: ['turtle', 'tortoise'],
    myAction: (event) => {
{{select-light value=myValue options=myOptions change=(action myAction)}}


String that matches the selected <option value="....


As a Flat Array

['clam', 'starfish']

As an Array of Key/Value Objects

    { value: 'shortfin', label: 'Shortfin Shark' },
    { value: 'mako', label: 'Mako Shark' },

value and label will be the default keys used unless valueKey="... and/or displayKey="... are used respectively.

As a Yield

    <option value="clown">Clown Fish</option>
    <option value="cat">Cat Fish</option>

Handling Events

Any javascript event can be handled directly on the component such as change or focusIn. The event javascript object is passed along to be used however you desire.

Common usages are...

myAction(event) {
    console.log(event.target.value); // Do something useful with the changed value

or to modify a property without a custom action...

{{select-light change=(action (mut myValue) value="target.value")}}

Other parameters

disabled, tabindex, and class work as you'd expect.

{{select-light disabled=true tabindex="0" class="my-dropdown"}}